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Hello 'Old Joes'

Greetings to all you Old Joes in Australia,

This web page has been set up to give you information about the Old Joes Club here in Australia.

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Our Mission

Leading Catholic School In Sri Lanka

To Achieve excellence in education by making the college one of Sri Lanka's best educational institutions.

By fostering education which promotes spiritual and human values, thus producing good citizens, who have the knowledge, skills and the aptitude to serve the community in the public and privet sector, in the professions and in self employment.

A Brief History of St. Joseph's College

Leading Catholic School In Sri Lanka

In the year 1892, the idea of a Catholic College emerges with the proposal of the Archbishop of Colombo Rt. Rev.Fr. Christopher Bonjean.

In the year 1892, on the 6th January, a pastoral letter was sent to all the priests espousing the desirability of building a Catholic College at St.Mary's College premises at Mattakkuliya.

In April 1892,a public meeting was held to collect funds and discuss the plans for the Catholic College.

Thereafter 27 acres of Land called the 'uplands' was bought by the Archbishop for this project, from the government . Later however, this land was bought back by the government with compensation, and the catholic church bought a land at Maradana in Darley Road from an Egyptian called Arabi Pasha for the College building.

More History